Healing and Transmog in World of Warcraft

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Merry Christmas From The Pretty Little Pally

Merry Christmas y’all! Hope your December is going well. I’m 5 bars from 100 but, well, it’s a busy week this week. I am mostly working and waiting for the weekend. Here’s a few screenshots from my time in Warcraft!











Pretty Awesome Pet Giveaway!

WoWScrnShot_020913_163750Howdy y’all! So I wanted a little something to get me writing again now that I’m all married and the stress level has gone down dramatically. So, I have decided to give away a pet! This includes your choice of one of the $10 pets from the Blizzard store (Pet Store). Once you have selected your pet, I will gift the pet to you via email so you will need 1) a working copy of WoW and 2) a working email! Drawing will be via rafflecopter (which I am excited to use!)

For this giveaway, I would like to know: Where in the World of Warcraft is your favorite place to relax?

Please leave your twitter name or a way to contact you with your comment! (so I can verify that you are you!)

Comment below with your answer and I look forward to reading everyone’s responses! I will pick a winner on Monday, September 22, 2014!


So I’ve been really inactive y’all because I got married. Now it’s all calmed down and hopefully I can get back to blogging!

New Identity

Sometimes it’s fun to pick up a new identity when your old one no longer makes you happy. As such, I have moved from over to here, , because it makes me feel more cheerful and eager to write about the adventures of playing a blood elf paladin. I also threw in a shot of my new phoenix!


Reflections of my G-ma’s 80th Birthday

So tonight I went to my grandmother’s 80th birthday party.

Obviously this will be a non-WoW post.

I love my grandma, don’t get me wrong. She’s a great woman, raised 3 kids while going to school, married well, and now enjoys her life of leisure with plenty of friends.

What bothered me was something my aunt said. My aunt I am closest to is the one who looks more like me. Browner hair, few extra pounds, dimples, funny, easygoing, takes life as it comes.

She relayed a story to me that really pissed me off.

My other aunt seems to be a total bitch. My parents live out in the country and yes, it’s tough for them to drive in for these events. Granted, they probably should have made it but still, you don’t get drunk and threaten my father that he had better come to events or put up a tent.

Seriously, back off lady. That’s your brother. Don’t be that bitch nobody wants to be around.

No wonder my parents avoid these things like wildfire. They did attend our second cousins wedding for a little bit and frankly, that was long enough.

It just pisses me off that she had the audacity to say that. When you threaten people like that, they won’t come back. She’s now an alcoholic so there’s yer sign.

And I love my cousins but all they aspire to is to have a big house and assets.


Aspire to be happy. Have a family. Get married. Live where you want, happily. Doesn’t matter the size of your house or how much money you have.

For shit’s sake, was I the only one raised with a heart? Who wants love and happiness above materialistic shit? Newsflash: you can’t take it with you when you pass.

My mother worked three jobs to put herself through college. Her mother didn’t give her a damn dime. My aunts had shit handed to them.

Ugh. I love my mother. My aunts will never be as sweet, loving, and caring as she is. They don’t even come close. Just two spoiled brats, even my mother’s sister. Buncha brats.

Well I am going to go home and get some sleep. We have a bit of a drive (1.5 hours) but we’ll be home eventually.

-Sad Classy

Minka the Pally

Well, the time has come.

My sweetie recently proposed and August 2014 we will be married!

I’m slowly getting used to having a ring on my finger that’s worth wayyyyy more than my car…but I think I’ll get used to it.

However, I’ve been WAY too busy in the fancy schmancy wedding stuff so I haven’t been playing much.

I decided one of my last goals will be to level a female blood elf paladin like I’ve always wanted to do, and transmog her out as much as possible for funsies. Maybe do some raids.  Heck, maybe I’ll even get the fiance to raid too.  He did ding 90 on alliance, now he’s working on a horde.

But here’s a cute picture. See y’all soon.


Friday Screenshot Compilation

I’ve leveled Miss Lumina to 71 now, and she’s been race changed to Alliance because I missed my BF and alliance friends too much.

Here are some pictures from her journey.

She grew up to be kind of a badass.

Check out Legionkiller.  C’mon Blizzard, fix crossbow scaling…

I still intend to level another blood elf in the future though. Maybe paladin.










Meet Lumina.

She’s my adorable little hunter.

Pretty sure eventually, when she’s 90, she’ll be my new main for the remainder of WoW.

I did actually give her mail gear after this picture, instead of the leather.

I also snapped a pretty picture of Eversong.

And some of my sassy rogue.

Bear power, yo.

Enjoy the eye candy.













Classy Brainstorm

I play too much WoW and never really accomplish  much when I’m on.

So, I need a game plan.

I am currently debating between keeping both alliance and horde on ONE server or splitting my alliance toons and horde toons each on a different server.

In the long run, because of how they are set up now, the latter would be cheaper and cost me only the transfer cost for 2 toons.  The first would cost me 3 toons.

But the first almost seems ideal. This would not be accomplished until after May.  I am in the process of moving in with le boyfriend but once my lease is up in May on my apartment, I will have quite a bit of money free each month to a) pay CC’s off with (COMPLETELY, DONE, NADA, ZILCH, EMPTY CARDS) and also transfer/tidy up some toons.

By June I should have also gotten a raise ($50/paycheck), lost 20 pounds, and regained my insurance discount for being in shape ($50). Also, the gym membership will be tossed ($50). Very nice.  June will be a great month!

But, back on topic.

So, one can have a maximum of 10 toons per server.

I currently have:

Server 1

  • Priest (A)
  • Druid (A)
  •  Future Monk (A)

Server 2

  • Hunter (H)
  • Rogue (H)
  • Mage (A)
  • Future Paladin (H)

Server 3

  • Shaman (A)

What I thought I was going to do was this: move shaman to Server 1, and keep Server 2 all horde.

But as you can see, I only have 8 toons maximum. 2 are still imaginary.

With all the new (and probably future) BoA items, it makes more sense for me to be on one server where I can share those, right?

Also, my bf is new and has one toon on one server and I really don’t want to make him have to play horde elsewhere. When he hits 90 on his  monk I am going to want him to be able to buy heirloom gear and other things to send to another toon.  If he plays on two servers, then that is two sets of gear.

So, for now, I am thinking in terms of “which toons have I not played in forever and just don’t really care about anymore? Which do I want to focus on the most?”

  • I determined I don’t play shaman but once in a blue moon. I won’t be pursuing any quests or LFR gear on her. However, she is a scribe, and that would be handy to have with my druid, the herbalist. Originally they were together. I played Shaman in Vanilla, a little of BC, Wrath, and Cataclysm.
  • I feel the same way about my mage. Fun, but not fun enough to keep my attention.  She also has no professions that I don’t already have. But, I do play her once in a while and she is fun, so I will keep her.  I played mage in Vanilla and BC.
  • I love my rogue, and it is SO MUCH fun stabbing things, but she still comes in just under the hunter. The rogue was never max level in any relevant expansion, but she is currently my highest level horde at (73).
  • My druid is also a joy, but time constraints mean she doesn’t get played as much. After the hunter she will be the next leveling project (85-90). I did a little druiding in Wrath.
  • I also really want a monk (A) and a paladin (H).

As far as I can tell I think I have “played through” the classes and determined which I do like and which I don’t (or could live without).

I’m not a fan of warrior, DK, or warlock.  I enjoy mage and rogue but they aren’t my favorites.

So for now, until my funds increase, I will leave the mage and rogue on their respective servers. Actually, everyone stays on their respective servers.

My priest and my hunter are my favorites for sure.  I think I will try to keep those on the same server so I can share fun things between them.

TL, DR version: I’m going to focus on priest and hunter. I am going to put my new hordes on Borean Tundra in preparation for when I can move all my toons to one server.

Organizing toons can be such a PITA.






Classy Commentary: Catching Up

Pretty much every day at work is “I wish I could go play WoW. There’s so  much I want to do. I’m so far behind. I’m working on two reps right now (Golden Lotus dailies, and Tiller farming, NO dailies…) and I’m almost Honored. It’s been months.  I just want to play!”

WoW is a great world. It’s tons of fun and I love it! I’m preaching to the choir, obviously.

Lately I’ve been busy with work. Work this work that.  Weekends are either spent with my snuggly boyfriend or playing the game — it depends on if he has drill or not (mmm, man in uniform…).

Which is good because I have been toying with new character names, new characters, and maybe swapping over to my hunter as my main.  I don’t raid outside of LFR, so when I say “main” I strictly mean the character I log onto first every time I sit down to play.  The one who gets all the reputation attention, all the goodies and toys, and with whom I pursue all achievements.

But then again, I love my druid. I need to get her farm started. I really think I’m going to do boomkin/healing on her. Since there is a glyph that lets you stay in normal form the whole time…and gives you SPARKLY STARS…how irresistible is that?

But man, I really want to start a blood elf paladin. BE female paladins look so amazing in plate.

I think I just need a break from the priest. Priesting takes a lot of energy.

Fishing is great though! In fact, I’m going to fish until I fall asleep.