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Transmogging and Updating!

Well gosh darn, I checked twitter the other day and realized that the lovely Dawn Moore had focused in on the [Journeyman’s Vest] — a piece of clothing that I had used for a fiery-themed Natalie transmog!  I was quite honored to see my photo in the article and I hope many people pick up this unique chestpiece if they so like it.

Malkil (Ysera-US) also used the same chestpiece to create a bandit-themed transmog that I am in love with! I love the wide belt, the dirty offhand and dagger, the risque leggings, red hat and overall “shady” look.  It goes well with the worgen appearance and frame. Runella (Eitrigg – US) also made a very nice transmog (and I agree, it does have a “sexy Robin Hood” look going on!

In real life news, I have a new squeeze…thanks to @LodurZJ!  He suggested an online dating website, since I’m a working professional that doesn’t really have time to go out to events and meet someone. A lot of my friends are already married, so a “friend of a friend” wasn’t really an option either. As a last resort, also, the men at my work are almost ALL spoken for. Online dating has been a total blessing.  It took one day to find a great guy, one day of socializing to set up a date, and then that date was so awesome we had two more.  After a week, we talk and laugh like we’re old friends.  He’s a great guy and shares my views on religion and politics.  It has made life much smoother also in that we agree in the ways we’d like our kids to be raised.  PLUS he actually wants kids!  So anyway, I have a very handsome new squeeze!

This morning, I also acquired my 20th whisker for my Winterspring Frostsaber!  I’ve been working on that 20th whisker for a few days — all those dates sort of took all my time and energy, hehe. The week prior, I purchased a [Kalytha’s Haunted Locket] which turns me into a very pretty, ghostly night elf!

And that concludes my updates for now; I have a write of my Navispam from Navimie’s visit coming next!
Stay classy Azeroth!