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Howdy all!

Minka hit 90 (woo woo) and is decked in Timeless Isle gear. I need to take her through Throne of Thunder LFR and get her an epic weapon and a mace so that her gear isn’t SO bad (but many thanks to Volde for hooking me up with the blue gears).

Thanks to Mara for that awesome hitting 90 gift! (Bags are always the best!)

Today my fiancé got an excellent deal on a 30″ widescreen flatscreen monitor (might be closer to 28″, I don’t quite know) and all I know is it is huge and WoW looks beautiful on it. He also got me a video card upgrade (I had an old GeForce 6600 and he hooked me up with a GeForce GT 610. Yay for loving fiancés!

That’s about it for now. I am extremely busy this week:

  • Work (8-5 all day er’ry day)
  • Interview Wednesday evening via Phone (which I am about to prep a script for-they will be doing a mock cold call with me at the end of the call)
  • Kickball Wednesday
  • Thursday night football
  • Friday possibly zipping home to help load a truck
  • Saturday festival
  • Sunday – adult confirmation class, sleep, finish crochet project

So you can see that does not leave a whole lot of time for WoW. However, I believe everything should be enjoyed in moderation so I will play a little next week maybe 🙂




A Newbie Enters Pandaria

Last week I reintroduced my boyfriend to Azeroth by resurrecting his account. I have been getting quite a bit of entertainment by sitting back and letting him toot around on his teenage panda monk. It’s great watching someone who hasn’t played since Vanilla jump back into the shattered Azeroth. So far he hasn’t had too much interaction with the outside world other than his quest track.

I’ve noticed that the solo questing world has been greatly improved as he has not gotten bored yet and there is no shortage of content for him to do. He loves questing and…

“But my other cloak was better. It had more armor.”
“But this one has a stat (+1 Agility).”

Hehe. Looks like we still have some retraining to do. But for now I am thoroughly happy when he wanders into a cave and figures out the quest himself with an “Ahhhh.” And the “Ughhh my dust won’t drop….”

I love reliving all my memories through him hehe. Not being worried about leveling to 90, not worrying about raid gear, etc.

Just pure adventure.

Please forgive all typos, as I am pecking this out on my phone.

Talk to y’all later–the Bears just got another touchdown!

Chibi Cuteness!

So, much like Navimie, Cymre, Coolidge, Souglyy, Roshii, Azadelta, and Lushnek, I waited like a ten-year old kid anticipating Christmas when she knows she’s getting the AWESOMEST present EVER!

And today is Christmas! (in August, hehe).

I present to you, drawn by the talented Sleepingfox, the beautiful Classy and Anjelwings.

They’re absolutely beautiful! Classy is my main (Natalie in game, actually), my draenei priest in the Tier 11 set from Cataclysm. I love this set so much! Anjelwings is on the right, and she is a dear, dear friend of mine whom I cannot wait to show chibi Anjelwings to. I am having her printed and framed tomorrow, so that I can give it to her this weekend. Perfect timing!

I love to fish on Classy, which is why she’s got her Jeweled Fishing Pole ( I run around with it equipped probably 90% of the time I’m in game. I’m also very sweet and a little softspoken IRL, but after a few minutes I get a little sassy and witty. Classy’s pose is something I pull off pretty often.

Anjelwings is in the druid Tier 13, the Dragon Soul tier. She definitely has a heroic chestpiece but since I squeezed a few “details” out of her I was able to go with the solid blue set. I know she will like it the best. She loves her Maw of the Dragonlord ( and ESPECIALLY loves her Sprite Darter pet. She got it when the quest was still in the game and pestered me to do it and do it and do it and I never finished it (doh!). I’ve been trying to farm for one for a while. I thought the idea of a sprite darter like a lick-happy puppy was too cute, so that’s what I requested! I am so excited to frame a copy and give it to her this weekend. I will be sure to take a picture of it before it is gifted!

I hope you all love my widdle chibis as much as I do — I have never commissioned any art before and I must say, I think it will be my new thing to collect as I can print them in high-res and save them on my office shelf. It gives a big tangential feel to the game when you can look over and remember all your memories in one picture!

Happy Wednesday!


Update: (8/10/2012) Here is a picture of the framed chibis:


What Kind of a Person are you in Game?


So the other day I was playing on my priest, tooting around at the mailbox, when I noticed a message for help from a lowbie warlock.  She needed someone to help her get to a place inside a dungeon that none of her groups were stopping at.  Feeling helpful and knowing I could battle through any lowbie dungeon in a short amount of time, I whispered her and she replied that she needed to get to the safe zone of Gnomergean, because none of her LFD groups were stopping to let her turn in her grime encrusted objects.  Buncha jerks!

So, we party up and head on in to the instance. 

I breeze through and obliterate all the troggs for her, and we reach the safe room with relative ease. She turns in ten of her objects and also the ring.  Curious to where it turns into, I tell her Ironforge (the turn-in would show on her map).  We share some polite conversation and, noting that she is not wearing any heirlooms, I ask her when she started playing.

She said she was a long time horde player but this was her first alliance toon.  I traded her a quick amount of gold (500) and offered to help her anytime she was online. 

She replied with “You’re the first person who has been nice to me on the alliance side.”

She was level 28.  The fact that nobody had offered to help her yet really made me sad.  We continued to chat and I learned a lot about her, what she liked to do, her boyfriend, and her life. We didn’t go to bed until midnight, and I was absolutely fine with it being a work night. 

Sometimes when you show friendliness and respect toward a person, they are more apt to hang around the game and stay.  I am hoping that she continues to dabble on the alliance side and levels up her little warlock as much as possible. Maybe this will be her first alliance 85!

So I ask you all, what kind of person are you in game? 

Are you respectful and friendly toward your other players, regardless of whether or not you think they’re an alt?  Do your words reflect what kind of person you are?  Do you help your guildmates when they need it?

When others ask for loans in the guild, I am more than happy to send it to them and let them pay me back when they can. I find that I have been repaid every single time.  Telling them to take their time and send it when they can I believe makes them feel much more relaxed and cared about.

In the end, it is just gold. You can get more.  If giving some away to a stranger will help them feel cared about, I will gladly give it all out.  I will craft pretty gear and give instance runs to make someone feel appreciated and to show them how they can have fun with other people in the game, and that good people do exist.

Take a little time out of your day to either help a lowbie, share your gold with them, make them something nice, take them on a dungeon run, or just chat with them a bit and ask them if they need any help.

You’ll be rewarded with that warm fuzzy feeling and the knowledge that you made someone feel absolutely wonderful.

Please let me know in the comments below about your moments where you were happy you responded to someone’s trade chat call for assistance.