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Screenshots of the Week

It’s been a while since I’ve updated — sorry about that. I should probably aim for about 1 post per month.

A few weeks ago my wonderful fiance bought me a monitor from a friend — it’s a perfect widescreen LCD.

I’ve always wanted a widescreen LCD and he knew that so when he had the chance he grabbed it for me.

It has resulted in some very nice screenshots.

I really love my holy (and ret for soloing) paladin.

Obviously. I mean she’s in almost every screenshot…

Stay Classy friends.












Classy Move of the Week – August 15

Hello all!

The other day I joined a random Lich King dungeon and ended up in Utgarde Keep. Today’s post is a shoutout to those 3 other brave souls who beat up mobs with me almost all the way to the end after our tank abandoned us for no good reason.

Our warlock happily stepped in which leads me to say a quick prayer that they get a true tanking spec someday.

Big kudos to these people:

Ambassador Pappalegba – WyrmrestAccord <Sapphire Shaolin Society>
Mystonnaire the Patient – Nesingwary <The Crimson Shadows>
Zarielil – Farstriders <Natural Order>

We proceeded to slam dunk the rest of the instance on our own, until a friendly tauren joined us for the last 4 pulls. Thanks dude!

I also have some screenshots to share with y’all. Some are from the past, some are from recently.













Friday Screenshot Compilation

I’ve leveled Miss Lumina to 71 now, and she’s been race changed to Alliance because I missed my BF and alliance friends too much.

Here are some pictures from her journey.

She grew up to be kind of a badass.

Check out Legionkiller.  C’mon Blizzard, fix crossbow scaling…

I still intend to level another blood elf in the future though. Maybe paladin.









When Classy Finds a 26″ Flatscreen…

Pictures get real.

Enjoy the eye candy. Feel free to use whatever you’d like on your backgrounds, etc.

Many thanks to boyfriend’s roomate Josh who is letting me play on his computer tonight. In return, I have re-hooked him onto Warcraft.
You’re welcome!

Five Favorite Screenshots – August

As most of my informative-yet-fun posts are in progress at the moment, I have decided to rummage through my screenshot folder and show y’all five of my favorite screenshots from the last few years. I never saved my vanilla screenshots prior to my older computer kicking the bucket, but alas, they are all in my memory! So in lieu of one of my usual posts I have decided to start a new, lightly-named, “Five Favorite” series. This is also expandable into a “Ten Favorite” or “Top Ten” moniker for the future. Light and flexible and allows me to share other fun things with you all while maintaining that sweet, sweet organization that I crave.

This was in Feathermoon Stronghold, I believe, during Hallow’s End. The holiday decorations around the entirety of Azeroth helps boost the atmosphere.

Flightpaths sometimes give the best photo opportunities. This is the entrance to Bastion of Twilight, with part of Loch Modan in the foreground.

The drained, empty Loch. Such a sad sight but…so THAT’s what it looks like on the bottom…

You are getting sleepy…very sleepy… I enjoy this SS because the details of all the instances are so intricate, yet they are only appreciated for a short while.

I love the simplicity of this one. Classic Vanilla outfit, devoted priest, staring into space in the Cathedral of Light.

I’m thinking next time it needs to be a Ten Favorite Screenshots post, because I have quite a few more I want to show you. Hope you enjoyed these. Leave me a link to some of your screenshot posts, so I can see what catches your eye.

Stay classy Azeroth!

Screenshots of the Week: Life is Better in 24″ Widescreen

I went home to visit family for the weekend. My monitor is only 20″ square. Le sigh.

For my birthday (3 months) I’ll be asking for a 22 or 24″ widescreen.



Screenshots of the Week: Dire Maul, Rogue, and Ragnaros

Since it’s late, I wanted to sneak up a very quick post with a nostalgic screenshot of Dire Maul, an attitude-filled picture of my alt rogue, and a courageous picture of my priest.  Tomorrow, I just might be able to write a post with a topic.  For the future, I might make Wednesday nights a short, screenshot-filled post with a small amount of commentary.  Have a lovely night all.

Dire Maul demon prison.

Sparkles in Auchindoun.

Natalie at Ragnaros