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A List of Some of my Favorite Web Comics

Good evening friends!

After I finished catching up on my favorite storylines and beautifully drawn characters, I decided that I would write up a post and share them all with you.  Most of these comics I actually picked up on by clicking on ads on NPC Comic’s website.  On top of finding great comics, I am hopefully also supporting Mary and the comics that advertise with her!  Please visit these websites and read their wonderful work!

NPC Comic

First up is NPC Comic!  I love this comic because the stories are cute, funny, enjoyable, classy, and I can relate to almost all of them.  The characters play video games, board games, MMOs, have two kitties, and sometimes jump out into adventures.  Most of the time their comics stand on their own, and aren’t tied to an ongoing story (of which there are quite a few).  The two main characters are Lisa and Mike, Bink and Chloe, and occasionally the cute little fuzzy but shy Fitzgerald.  Definitely safe for work too.

Girl Genius
Girl Genius is steampunk themed, action-packed story with a huge following.  Agatha Heterodyne is everyone’ s favorite brave, trustworthy, smart, beautiful ass-kicking hero with two trusty sidekicks, Tarvek and Gilgamesh.  They get into crazy storyline arc adventures and are currently defending their hometown from attack!    There are lots of players in this story and the setting, where industrial and mechanical innovations have prevailed, is excellently drawn and colored.  Definitely a good read and also safe for work if you don’t mind a little slinky armor every now and then.


Avengelyne is another adventure with very twisty storylines.  The main character, Avengelyne, is a sweet fallen angel who is working her butt off to keep the mortal world safe from harm from the bad guy below.  She’s 100% good, although her outfit would speak otherwise.  By the way, this comic is not safe for work at all!  However, the artwork is good and despite the sometimes provocative poses, Avengelyne will surely win over your heart while taking care of her friends and vanquishing the bad guys.

Two Kinds

Two Kinds is a cute, warm-fuzzies manga-style anthropomorphic comic with a talented artist (start from the beginning, it will take you a while but it’s worth it!).  It took me two days (4 hours each) to catch up to the current comic.  The storyline is very good with twists and turns (you’ll be SO sure something is going to happen..and then something makes you doubt yourself…and then it twists back!).  The kitties are cute and cuddly, the wolf-chicks are tough and feisty, the world setting makes you think a lot about the world, and it reminds you to value your friends and family very highly.  Overall you will see how the artist progresses over the last few years and has grown into a skilled artist with shadows, shading, colors, and angles.  This one is safe for work but might get you a few weird looks!

Wayward Sons: LEGENDS

Wayward Sons: LEGENDS is another long-running comic like Girl Genius and Two Kinds.  These comics were starting up when I was still in high school (and that was almost 10 years ago…).  Wayward Sons is a sci-fi, mythological-themed action comic with great character growth and a character for everyone to relate to.  The artistry is also very stunning with details packed into every comic page.  The dialogue is sassy and the characters always seem to be fighting monsters, strategizing with leaders, and saving each other from trouble.  It’s not quite safe for work as sometimes there is a little nudity, cleavage, low-cut outfits, you name it.  However, they are always creatively designed.

That sums up the five comics I am following regularly (I usually let my episodes build up until Fridays, and then kick back, relax, and read them all to catch up).  Some of them update every day and others once a week.  These are bookmarked on my browser bar and keep me entertained when I need to rest and relax.