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Chibi Cuteness Part 2: Minka!

It’s time to introduce another chibi from the talented Sleepingfox of !

Please give her a hand for her beautiful study of Minka the Blood Elf Paladin!



She turned out so beautiful! Now I get to explain why I chose everything that I did!

From the top: I made her eyes hazel because mine are hazel. I picked those beautiful white and blue paladin shoulders because I feel they epitomize everything there is about a paladin, and the torn cloth strips with holy markings just made it even better! I picked her dress because it is one of my favorites! Her bracers are matching ones from Dalaran, and her boots are a custom-colored design made by Rebecca. The sprite darter is one of my favorite pets in the game so I wanted her to be snuggled down by her feet, looking around curiously. And of course, there’s the cute little diamond ring on her left hand 😉

Her pose is from the classic “I’m a bride and I wore my cowboy boots under my dress!” I fully intend to do this for my wedding reception. I was born and raised in the heart of Texas and I have no plans to leave anytime soon. For my wedding I will probably wear kitten heels and for the reception — here come the boots! I also intend to change into a shorter reception dress for the last hour or so of the reception.

I hope you find my Minka as beautiful and cute as I do!

Rebecca/Sleepingfox’s commissions are currently open so please visit her and get your beloved characters drawn. One day the game will be gone and all we will have are our memories, screenshots, and artwork, and I intend to cherish mine always!

Stay Classy Azeroth!


Chibi Cuteness!

So, much like Navimie, Cymre, Coolidge, Souglyy, Roshii, Azadelta, and Lushnek, I waited like a ten-year old kid anticipating Christmas when she knows she’s getting the AWESOMEST present EVER!

And today is Christmas! (in August, hehe).

I present to you, drawn by the talented Sleepingfox, the beautiful Classy and Anjelwings.

They’re absolutely beautiful! Classy is my main (Natalie in game, actually), my draenei priest in the Tier 11 set from Cataclysm. I love this set so much! Anjelwings is on the right, and she is a dear, dear friend of mine whom I cannot wait to show chibi Anjelwings to. I am having her printed and framed tomorrow, so that I can give it to her this weekend. Perfect timing!

I love to fish on Classy, which is why she’s got her Jeweled Fishing Pole ( I run around with it equipped probably 90% of the time I’m in game. I’m also very sweet and a little softspoken IRL, but after a few minutes I get a little sassy and witty. Classy’s pose is something I pull off pretty often.

Anjelwings is in the druid Tier 13, the Dragon Soul tier. She definitely has a heroic chestpiece but since I squeezed a few “details” out of her I was able to go with the solid blue set. I know she will like it the best. She loves her Maw of the Dragonlord ( and ESPECIALLY loves her Sprite Darter pet. She got it when the quest was still in the game and pestered me to do it and do it and do it and I never finished it (doh!). I’ve been trying to farm for one for a while. I thought the idea of a sprite darter like a lick-happy puppy was too cute, so that’s what I requested! I am so excited to frame a copy and give it to her this weekend. I will be sure to take a picture of it before it is gifted!

I hope you all love my widdle chibis as much as I do — I have never commissioned any art before and I must say, I think it will be my new thing to collect as I can print them in high-res and save them on my office shelf. It gives a big tangential feel to the game when you can look over and remember all your memories in one picture!

Happy Wednesday!


Update: (8/10/2012) Here is a picture of the framed chibis: