Healing and Transmog in World of Warcraft


prettylittlepally is a simple blog for collecting exciting, happy, intriguing, and informative ideas I have while playing World of Warcraft. It is meant to be a friendly hangout, a place for a few dungeon guides, and a written record of my fun times in game.

I encourage everyone to keep records of your experiences in the game. At least take screenshots and store them because you never know when you want to look back.

About Puffs:

Puffs is an almost thirty educated single female working professionally in the urban countryside (150,000 people surrounded by farmland). She enjoys writing, reading, Warcraft, cool pillows, warm blankets, vanilla ice cream, fresh veggies, making her friends happy, cuddling, hiking, camping, and nature photography. Whenever possible she visits her family in the deep country.

You can reach her through:

Twitter: @prettypaladin


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